Automated Loader for Testers

Sometimes operators have to wait for long periods of time just to load a product or a tester. This means precious man hours are being wasted.

These jobs can be automated. We design automated loaders for our clients that fulfil this purpose. The above image is that of a semiconductor design for one of our client’s. You can contact us to get a customized solution for yourself.

Automatic Data Acquisition

In order to acquire data from a working site, manual labour is no longer required. You don’t have to spend hours walking around all day in the heat just to get measurement data. This can be sent directly to your office desk! We can provide customized solutions based on your exact requirements.

Smart Cabinets

Storage has never been easier! This technology allows you to keep track of your stock and restocking requirements. It monitors who uses what, and when. It also saves time because you no longer have to spend time searching for important documents, tools or keys. This solution ensures that your item is stored in the right place and it intimates you as to where what you’re looking for is located. It also addresses issues concerning security as you can set up the system so that only authorized personnel may remove or add an item.

Functional Testers

Do you have a hard time with escapees and getting operators to test for functionalities with false rejects? Often, results varying between one operator to another operator causes concern. But the good news is that testing can be automated. The image above shows one of our customer’s automated test benches for servicing Hydraulic Pumps, built by us. Tell us your pain points and we can surely provide a solution that relieves you of this inconvenience.

Vision Testers

We can detect many features from a simple image. From just one photo, we can detect if a bolt is present or not or if a fiducial mark or crack is present. Give us a call and we can provide you with automated solutions that detect faults better than the human eye.

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