Process Automation Systems

Process automation systems (PAS) are used to automatically control work processes in various industries. For instance, in chemical factories or oil refineries and so on. PAS functions through the use of a network that is interconnected by sensors, actuators, controllers and operator terminals. PAS involves the use of computer technology and software engineering to help factories or power plants operate more efficiently while considering safety to be the most important factor.

Customized Engineering Solutions

We provide customized engineering solutions for factory automation processes that are specific to companies and factories. Most mass scale manufacturers do not provide these options, such as test solutions, visual tests or handling any related solution. The industries we mainly cater to are semiconductor, construction and manufacturing industries.

We use a combination of top notch hardware and software like LabView, Teststand, PLCs and Hardware Data Acquisition Modules such.

Vision Applications Development

Visual Applications allow us to get an in-depth analytical view of intangible work processes that need to be monitored for efficiency and safety. These processes occur outside the periphery of human vision but need to be monitored closely throughout the operation. Data is captured and fed back to a cloud so any risks can be avoided.

We integrate hardware and software.

Software : LabView

Hardware : Industrial Cameras like Basler, Nikon, Cognex depending on Complexity and Required Accuracy.

Custom Software Development

Not every business' needs are the same. Not every process is identical. But even those intricate processes can be empowered, streamlined and simplified. Unlike the native app, a web app goes an extra mile as they are compatible with all kinds of platforms. We work to fill in gaps in business operations using modern technology like PHP, .NET, MYSQL, VB. NET, HTML5, CSS3

CustomĀ  Mobile App Development

We develop customer mobile applications that can keep track of work processes and monitor streamlined activities. The mobile applications are specific to the business requirements and can be used to improve the tracking of factory processes and other industrial work flows. The apps can be built for both Android as well as iOS systems.

Monitoring System Development

We set up certain measurement modules at chosen remote locations where extreme working conditions occur. This is to give us the ease of monitoring otherwise tedious processes than cannot be reached by human hands and vision. Accurate data is fed to a cloud that is connected to a server in order to monitor multiple sites where conditions have to be kept under control.

System Integration

Systems Integration involves connecting a hardware device to a software technology that can generate reports and provide analytical data that helps improve business operations. For instance, RFID systems are used to track vehicles involved in the transportation industry and Bluetooth beacons are used to monitor employees in an office. There are different devices and software as such that can be used for different types of businesses. We help customers materialise such ideas and then turn them into actual solutions.

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