About Us

VM Innovations is an Engineering Solutions Developer, with a niche in the fields of Automation and Test Development. Our clients include DSO, Ryobi-Kiso, Philips, PSA and many more.VMI was started in 2013 and has seen itself grow tremendously over the past 4+ years

Centrally located in Singapore, our mobile team flexibly operates both on & off premise providing stand-alone solutions to our clients that are practical, economical and easy to implement.

With vast experience in a range of industries from Semi-Conductors, Automotive to Infrastructure, we develop appropriate customer-centric solutions without over-engineering.

Our technical partners include world renowned tech giants like National Instruments. They partner us in providing solutions and service support to our clients in the region from various industries.

Productivity is a key thing nowadays with everybody pushing to automate redundant manual jobs. But the question is how?! And we are there to provide you with the how.

Contact us today and find out how we can meet your needs!

Our Vision

To grow into market leading one stop solution automation service provider

Our Mission

Listen, Understand and Innovate

VM Innovations

16 Kallang Place #07 - 13, Singapore - 339 156.

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